About The Coffee Superstore

This page is “About Us”, but, isn’t it really all about you? We offer the products you want, at prices you can afford. No need to shop at the bargain-basement for a super pack of nearly expired no-name. Get the brand names you’ve come to love, with deep rebates and volume discounts (and who doesn’t love a good discount!). We sure do!

We are the one-stop online coffee shop for your home, office, or restaurant. Our coffee blends include Timothy’s®, Folgers, Green Mountain®, The East Coast Coffee Company, Keurig®, Martinson, Wolfgang Puck, Authentic Donut Shop, Grove Square, Marley, Higgins and Burke, and many other popular brands.

The real people behind the deal…

We’re just a couple of coffee fanatics who decided that I was a great idea to offer the best prices, unparalleled service, and superior discounts to regular Joes who love their cuppa Joe. We’ll get you you’re coffee quickly and inexpensively, with our gratitude for your purchase. Even though we are volume movers, we still treat our customers with the same gratitude whether they order 1 box or 1000. Check out our 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

We like to move it, move it!

To keep costs down, we sell directly to the customer and a small number of exclusive partners. We make offering the best prices look easy! We go direct from the Wholesale market to your door – bypassing the retailer and all the logistic hoo-ha. When a retailer doesn’t get a cut, you get a better price. Bam – instant sale!

Mama didn’t raise no fool

Don’t be fooled by the competition… some retailers advertise prices that seem competitive, but if you look closely you’ll see that they offer lower quantity packs. We focus on the 24 pack K-Cup so do the math and you’ll see that we offer the best bang for your buck.